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Go Ape Delamere

Go Ape Delamere

Our Values

We’re all about creating adventures and encouraging everyone to live life adventurously. On our journey to get everyone swinging through the trees we live by three simple values. They are; to keep the “adventure” in adventure, be socially and environmentally responsible and to do the right thing.

It’s nothing overly complicated, adventure is the course that we’ve set, and these three values are the acid test for every decision that we make along the way.

Our Story

The origins of Go Ape began with an adventure. Becs and Tris Mayhew were slow traveling through France with their six-month old daughter when they discovered a family swinging through the trees. The teenagers were loving it, but so were the parents. “Look at their eyes, they haven’t had this much fun together in years. We should be doing this!”.

Jettisoning the comfort blanket of their corporate careers, they quit their jobs, sold all they had, borrowed more and risked it all on becoming on-tree-preneurs. There was no financial safety net. It was succeed or lose everything. Friends and family fell into two camps – those who thought they were mad to go for it, and a handful who said they would be mad if they didn’t. Ex-soldier Tris said: “Military training encourages bold ideas, seizing the initiative and managing high risks. I wasn’t afraid of failure but was afraid of not trying.”

Becs and Tris set about creating the company they could be proud of. 20 years, 34 UK and 15 USA locations and over 10 million customers later, they continue to live one huge adventure.

Our Mission

From our Suffolk base we’re plotting ways to get the whole world swinging through the trees. We still have plenty of big hairy goals and our mission remains to be the best adventure company on the planet.

We’ve grown up a lot since we launched at Thetford Forest back in 2002, but that doesn’t mean we’ll rest on our laurels. We’re committed to creating outdoor adventure that great Britons, great Americans, and generally great people will adore. Why not join us, and live life adventurously?


Forest Park, Northwich CW8 2JD

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