How to furnish a smaller outdoor space

How to furnish a smaller outdoor space

No outdoor space is too small for watching the clouds come and go.

The most important smaller space furnishing advice is ask yourself what you like to do. How about nap, read a book, exercise, eat, hang out?

Enjoy me-time or socialise a bit

Your favourite comfy seating is key, armchair, small sofa, reclining chair, hammock? Once you’re covered, add options for guests like foldable chairs, stackable stools and pouffes. With a modular one-seat section and stool, you get a chaise longue that doubles as separate seats. See all lounging and relaxing furniture.

Savour snacks and meals outside

Start with a two-seat outdoor dining set. If you don’t have room for a set, buy individually. A stool side table or even a storage bench works if you just want a spot for a snack or drink. See all dining sets.

Embrace your hobbies and must-dos

Plant stands and hangable pots are gardening heroes. For yoga, exercise or must-dos (like laundry), free up room with pieces you can move or take indoors. A foldable drying rack is easy to put away, so you can be outdoors when it’s not chore time.

Store your necessities

If you can fit a storage bench, you’ll get seating (and a side table), too. Boxes, hooks, shelving units and cabinets are also good helpers to keep things outdoors. See all outdoor organising.

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