Outdoor Retractable Pergola Gazebo

Outdoor Retractable Pergola Gazebo

by the range for £449.99



Gazebo features steel frame
Reinforced supporting pipes attached to upright posts offer sturdy construction
Can be adjusted on both sides
PU-coated polyester fabric is water and UV resistant
8 L-shape ground stakes
8 expansion screws included for added stability


This retractable pergola gazebo allows you to adjust the canopy as you desire to enjoy the sunshine or relax in the shade. Create an amazing private space where you can feel the breeze in your hair and the gentle sunshine on your skin. A place where you can enjoy some fantastic shade while you drink a cold beverage on a hot day. Add this durable and affordable garden feature to your backyard or patio and enjoy the terrific luxury it brings to your outdoor living space.


Length: 2.95m
Width: 2.95m
Height: 2.2m
Assembly Required: Yes
Material: Fabric, Steel
Colour: Beige

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