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Romero Gas Fire Pit Table

Romero Gas Fire Pit Table

For a luxurious garden table, look no further than the Romero Gas Fire Pit Table.

A contemporary garden table with fire pit, the Romero will instantly become the talking point at get-togethers and parties.

Create an ambient atmosphere with the central fire during those cooler summer afternoons and evenings, with plenty of surface space for your drinks, nibbles and dinners.

Romero Gas Fire Pit Table

Care and Cleaning for your Fire Pit

To clean the etched glass table top, all you need to do is spray the glass lightly with a good quality, non-streaking window cleaner. Then wipe the table top over with a clean, soft lint-free towel.

To clean the powder coated base of your table, simply wash the surface with soapy water. For more stubborn or greasy marks, you can add a mild household acid such as vinegar or lemon juice. Stay away from any ammonia, TSP or soda-based products as this can encourage further oxidation on the surface. It’s a good idea to use your garden hose to give your aluminium a good rinse. If you do this, avoid using a pressure washer or a strong setting on a garden hose nozzle as such a strong and focused stream of water could damage the furniture’s finish. A normal garden hose will do just the trick.

You will require a AAA battery and a 5kg LPG gas cylinder. The door height for the canister is 40cm.

Do not use the fire pit table under any cover, awning or porch. We strongly advise you cover the table when cooled, and not in use, to protect against the rain and anything falling into the burner system.


Height 64cm
Width 120cm
Length 120cm
Distance Between Edge And Fire Guard 39cm
Fire Pit Size 32cm x 32cm


The Romero Fire Pit Table comes semi-assembled. All you need to do is attach the glass table top to the base and screw the ignition panel in place.

The glass panels for the wind guard slot into place on the guard-base which can be added or removed as necessary. All fittings and instructions will be provided.

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