Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

An incredibly attractive and authentic handmade Wood Fired Oven perfect for any garden or outdoor area

With a stylish design, this Wood Fired Pizza Oven will definitely be the focal point in your outdoor living space.

This Wood Fired Pizza Oven is incredibly easy to use and very efficient with a fast heat up time and with thermal properties in fact the oven is so efficient you can touch the outside of the oven whilst at full temperature without burning yourself.

This wood fired oven it’s completely assembled and ready to fire up.

There are five layers of insulation on this oven that mean more effective your heat will be.

Once cured, light a wood fire inside the oven and allow 20 minutes for the oven to get up to full temperature.

Once up to temperature the oven will stay warm for a very long time.

After 20 minutes, you can start cooking your favorite pizzas which take only 60 seconds to cook and also you can cook “low and slow” delicious dishes too.


  • Completely assembled oven
  • Oven includes: Flue pipe, rain cap and thermometer
  • High quality steel drop-down door
  • Five layers of insulation
  • Fast heat and long heat retention
  • Thermal properties
  • Authentic cooking
  • Clay oven certificate for food contact
  • Perfect for cooking pizzas in 60 seconds
  • Weather resistant: Yes
  • Fuel type: Firewood
  • Stand included: No
  • Great for bakes, roasts, smokes and grills
  • Ideal for outdoor barbecues, family gatherings and outdoor parties
  • Maximum temperature: 500 degrees Celsius

Available to buy here but be quick because every time we view it, it’s out of stock! Highly sought after!

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